You should know of the animated web series Animeme. I've loved that series ever since I watched, "OH F**K!", which was the first episode of animeme I ever watched. However, a very disturbing memory of an episode that has since been taken down still lingers in my thoughts.

It was a bright afternoon when the animeme episode, "HOW BOUT' MUSIC?", now named "MTV", was supposed to be uploaded. I was monitoring animeme's channel when I saw they had uploaded a video entitled "EVERYTHING ENDS" The thumbnail was of Forever Alone Guy (FAG!), with a sad expression on his face. I brushed it off, considering Forever Alone was always sad. I double-clicked the video, and it loaded. After an annoying Swiffer Wet Jet ad, the video began. It had the typical animeme opening, but there was no voice saying "AN-I-MEME" After the silent opening, there was 7 seconds of static with a screeching noise in the background. Once the static went away, it cut to scene of Forever Alone in a dark room. He was crying. His sobs escalated to the point where he was practically screaming. Forever Alone then turns around, no longer facing the camera. Suddenly, all of the video sound disappeared. Blood then started dripping onto the floor, and he turned around. His wrists were completely cut open, with blood covering his entire arm.

The audio then came back, and laughing could be heard. Then, Forever Alone started to mouth a laugh. Strangely, no sound came out. The screen cut to static again, with the same high pitched screeches as before. "Y U NO?" guy appeared on the screen, and, after a long silence, he said, "GOD, Y U LEAVE US?" Except, it wasn't the normal, french-ish noise that Y U NO Guy usually sounded like. Instead, he looked like he was on the verge of crying and his voice was quivering and quieter then normal. Static once again covered my screen, but this time it was for over seventeen seconds.

I paused the video and looked at it's length. It had 2 more minutes left. I waited for the static to stop, and once I did, I attempted to pause the video so I could record it with Fraps. Unfortunately, when I tried to pause it fullscreened on me, and then locked it so I couldn't exit fullscreen. Once again, it showed Forever Alone. He was sitting in the corner, mumbling random sounds. He then turns around. I almost had a heart attack when he did. Forever Alone's face was covered in blood and guts, with a carcass now visible some two feet in front of him. A series of random symbols flash on the screen, and the final few seconds was of an indescribably disfigured body with the words, "EVERYTHING MUST END." written in blood next to the body.