Slender Man vs

Slender Man vs. Unwanted House Guest - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES (NSFW)-1

Slender Man vs. Unwanted House Guest is an episode of Animeme Rap Battles. It was released July 8 2013 on the Nerdist channel.

Voice Actors

RedMinus as Slender Man

Brock Baker as Unwanted House Guest


The intro opens up with Alex, who is gagged and tied up, being filmed in the dark by a night vison camera

Alex:(muffled) What's up everyone? My name is Alex and welcome to the show! (scared) No! I knew I shouldn't have come to work, today! Oooogh! I'm sorry! Today we got Slender Man vs. Unwanted House Guest.

Unwanted House Guest:

Haven't seen me in a while?

I've seen you just fine

You took 5,028 breaths in your sleep last night

Where am I? Look at the window, see that parked black van?

Well, I look out my window and see you, Slender Man

Just surrender, damn!

When people see you they hide

When people see me they die

You got no eyes and no help from the moonlight

Lights off, game on,

Grab your leg, Om Nom Nom

This ain't no fiction, no pretend

In the end, YOU'LL BE DEAD

Slender Man:

Not afraid of the dark? I like a challenge

But watch your step, you might trip over your parents

Don't you dare get blood on my armani suit

Killin is my motherfuckin hobby, dude!

You got no chance, better start surrendering

So let's dance, every day I'm Slendering

I'll run circles around you

Tie you up and bound you, in the lake, I'll drown you

Your face looks like shit, manure

I got more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart

You got dying teeth, oh the irony

Without a face, I still look better than you, see?

See no wonder why nobody wants you, you like a more cracked out version of Gary Busey