Slender Man
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Origin: Something Awful Forums
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Voiced by: None

RedMinus in Slender Man vs. Unwanted House Guest

Latest appearance: "Slender Man vs. Unwanted House Guest - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES"

Slender Man is an urban internet myth, said to be a tall humaniod with chalk white skin, no facial features, and a black suit that stalks, tramatizes, and/or kidnaps people, most of the time children, as those people never return. The Slender Man has become a very famous meme and horror icon, popularized by several creepypastas and games, such as Slender: The Eight Pages. He also has a few appearences in Animeme.

He is rivals with Unwanted House Guest.


"Everyday I'm Listening to The new hot 8.99"
―Slender Man[src]


Animeme SpecialsEdit

  • Slender Man vs. Pedobear" (first appearance)
  • Slender Man meets Honey Boo Boo"


  • 010. 'Little Girls'
  • 012. 'Walker Texas Christmas'
  • 021. 'Ways To Kill A Bug'

Animeme Rap BattlesEdit