Psy vs

Psy vs. Kim Jong Un - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES-0

Psy vs. Kim Jong Un is the 6th and final episode of season one of Animeme Rap Battles. It was released July 24 2013 on the Offical Comedy Channel.


The intro opens up with Alex standing in a blizzardy forest while wearing a jacket

Alex: What up,everyone? This is Alex and welcome to the show! You already know I'm in the border of North and South Korea right now, I got my north face on, (shivers) IT'S COLD! Ok, so today we got, from up from the south: Psy! Versus KIM-JONG-UN!

Kim Jong Un:

Sigh? You mean what I did when I saw you in a lawnchair laying down

Watching little boys on a playground?

And if you took off your shades now

Nobody'd know who you are

Bitch, I'm a star

Me and D.Ron gon make Rush Hour 4

You can find us where your chicks are chillin

Don't bring the yellow dude, the guy looks like a Pixar villian


You should rub your tummy for good luck, Chuck

Cuz when you said launch, you meant to say lunch,uh, you're a fuck up

When I said nuke the Chinese I meant put the take out

In the microwave, OP!

You suck Dennis' rod man

You're a black guy's bitch

Kim Jong Kardashian

Kim Jong Un:

I seize the power and will destroy

Like the Bolsheviks in 1917

You're a korean Soulja Boy

Your fat jokes don't effect me

I'm the king of the north, and winter is coming

Hide your twin daughters, you got Youtube fans?

I got White Walkers!


I'm south side, I'll eat your soul seoul

I'll turn you into kimchi

You're less of a communistic threat than a movie producer in the 50's

You grew grew up in Switzerland, I'll freakin tobler-own you

I'm a mother,father ,gentleman, my father would disown you

Kim Jong Un:

Gentlemen? Didn't you get the memo? Nice guys finish last

You're not gonna be able to Gangnam Style when I put your arm in a cast

You're a fad

You're just mad

You no longer on top of the billboard chart

Now I'll hang you from top of the billboard in parts

I'm a North Korean leader

Baller, fortune cookie reader

and an asian p*ssy eater

You're lamer than Justin Bieber

You got a little Psy dick

and a brittle sidekick

I'm worth $5 billion, this is genocide, bitch


You're a clock without a tick, that's right, you're all talk

5 billion dollars? How many chocolate factories have you bought?

I do blows, tip top self

You will blow up yourself

Your army's small, you get picked last

You're too short for Six Flags

You ain't king of the north,bitch, you dead

You John Snow: bastard son of Ned

They call you a leader, they say you're supreme?

But only cuz your stomach's always filled with sour cream

Psy bucks Kim Jong Un, seemingly killing him, urinates on his body and jumps ontop of it.

Bitch! Gangnam Style!

Psy begins to Gangnam Style on Kim Jong Un's body.

Alex: What up everybody, it's Alex, and that about does it for season one. So, this is where you come in. Watch all the videos, comment on all of them, lemme know who you wanna see back in season two, and I will make it happen. And last thing is thank you so much for watching and being apart. It really means so much to me and I can't wait and work on season two, thank you guys. So, I love you and I will see you soon.

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