Minecraft vs


Minecraft vs. LEGO is the ninth installment of Animeme Rap Battles and the third episode of Season 2. It features protagonist of The Lego Movie, Emmet, rapping against protagonist of Minecraft, Steve, along with surprise appearances by MetalBeard, Vitruvius, and the Creepers. It was released on June 30th, 2016.

Voice actorsEdit

RedMinus as Emmet

TryHardNinja as Steve

Zach Holzman as MetalBeard

Tay Zonday as Vitruvius

JT Machinima as the Creepers



Hi Steve, I can't believe you got the 8-bit balls to step to me!

I've lasted a century! Snap the crown on the king!

You're binary: zeros and ones!

I'm the one; you're zero fun!

I'm the special! Fear me; run!

I'm the ultimate hero, son!

I'll shoot your pixels with my pistol! That's how I treat squares!

Then while you're down, I'll kick you like bad cop battling a chair!

I started this whole building thing! I'm the act you'll always follow!

You're just for kids who aren't allowed to play Grand Theft Auto!


Why's your skin all yellow? Do you got jaundice?

I'll erase your face with my mom's nail polish!

You're IKEA for kids; instructions leave them confused,

While my fusion reactor's feeding me a million EUs!

Now, face the wrath of my black hole singularity!

100 million copies sold by 2014!

You're a toy for tots; I'm killin' it!

I'm infinite, articulate,

Because Bob the Builder just built my fiber internet!


Ahoy, me hearties! MetalBeard to the rescue! I be a schitzo on the fritz, yo!

Aye, I'm a a robo hobo who escaped Lord Biz in a rowboat!

I'll make you walk the plank! Heave-ho! Drown and lose ye bubbles!

Tell Davy Jones I said "hello"! You're shark bait, bucko!


Steve, my prophecy is you craft a diamond sword,

Take it to the breaker panel, slash the wires and cords!

This will cause a power outage, and you will surely vanish!

And all of this is true because I can't say it in Spanish!


Aren't you supposed to be dead? You Gandalf knockoff!

I'll stomp your face 'til your head gets popped off!


Steppin' on a Lego hurts worse than walking on fire!

I could go harder, but I'm not trying to screw a miner!


You come with instructions? Step 1: Say a prayer.

I got so many ladies, they call me the Player!

You lost this battle! Your rhymes are boring, broken chatter!

No wonder on your box it says, "WARNING: CHOCKING HAZARD"!


We're Creepers and you charged us up 'cause both your rhymes are wack!

Throwing so many bricks, that you could call us Shaq!

We will end this party now! Gotta stop the disaster

Before it gets worse, then throw a block party after!