Grumpy Cat vs

Grumpy Cat vs. Nyan Cat - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES-0

Grumpy Cat vs. Nyan Cat is the first episode of Animeme Rap Battles. It was uploaded to youtube on July 1, 2013.

Voice Actors

Shane Dawson as Nyan Cat

Grace Helbig as Grumpy Cat


Nyan Cat:

Look up in the sky, not a bird, not a plane, just little old me.

Nyan Cat's the name,

Don't get it twisted son, been crushin cosmic pussy since life number one!

I'm the first cat in space, won the cat space race.

I'm here to cat bread you, have some wheat on your face.

Don't get mad, have some skittles, (I just sharted)

Your face looks like a shitty cat version of Ron Swanson, you'll be forgotten, like the pubes danglin off of my johnson.

You're big in real life but on youtube im HUGE! You can die tomorrow, i'll still get 80,000 views!

Grumpy Cat: 

What doesn't kill you, pisses me off. So i'm gonna be the one to fuckin finish the job.

I eat, sleep, excrete and lick my paws. You fly through space, that's it? You should be hauling around Santa Claus.

I'll eat you for breakfast and turn you into a nice turd, have you seen titanic?

My favorite actor was the iceberg.

I'm a celebrity, i'm in time magazine. The biggest name in pets, since, uh, mutherfucking Lassie.

You're a try hard, I didn't even want fame. Kicking your ass, it's in my DNA.

Nyan Cat:

You're shorter than the pinky of Peter Dinklage, scratch that, more like Dinklage's Peter, going through shrinkage.

You're still a virgin, my penis caused the Big Bang!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a gun, get in the van.

What's wrong Grumpy? Where's the other six dwarves?

Celebrating your absence with coffee-flavored liqours?

Your bout to get spade, I've got a flush, you down the toilet, your wack raps making me blush.

I'll put you in a blender, I'll turn you to slush!

TBH, you're not the first pussy i've crushed.

Grumpy Cat:

Crush me with those ryhmes? You're batshit delirious.

I had fun once, it was a traumatic expierience.

Maybe I am smaller then a midgets frigid noodle, but at least i'm not some wanna-be toaster strudel.

You ain't shit,

You're ancient

You're 8-bit, Atari.

Just quit, you wont get these 8 tits. (I'm sorry!)

Because the only reason you got to be that tasty was that your dad couldn't get pussy, so he sexed a pastry.

Facts and Goofs

  • The battle name was originally Nyan Cat vs. Grumpy Cat, but the names were reversed for unknown reasons.


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