"I started this whole building thing!"

Emmet rap battled Steve and the Creepers in Minecraft vs. LEGO. He was backed up by MetalBeard and Vitruvius after Steve's first verse. He was voiced by RedMinus.

Information on the rapperEdit

Emmet Brickowski, or simply Emmet, is a Lego Minifigure released in 2014. He is the main protagonist of The LEGO Movie. He is voiced by Chris Pratt in the film and by Keith Ferguson in the video game adaption.


Verse 1:Edit

Hi Steve, I can't believe you got the 8-bit balls to step to me!

I've lasted a century! Snap the crown on the king!

You're binary: zeros and ones!

I'm the one; you're zero fun!

I'm the special! Fear me; run!

I'm the ultimate hero, son!

I'll shoot your pixels with my pistol! That's how I treat squares!

Then while you're down, I'll kick you like bad cop battling a chair!

I started this whole building thing! I'm the act you'll always follow!

You're just for kids who aren't allowed to play Grand Theft Auto!

Verse 2:Edit

Steppin' on a Lego hurts worse than walking on fire!

I could go harder, but I'm not trying to screw a miner!