"We're Creepers and you charged us up!"

The Creepers rap battled Emmet and Steve in Minecraft vs. LEGO. They were voiced by JT Machinima.

Information on the rappersEdit

Creepers are one of the most unique and iconic hostile mobs found in the critically acclaimed video game Minecraft. A Creeper can easily be recognized by its tall vertical structure, green, pixelated skin, and four legs. It is possibly the most dangerous enemy in the game, as it is not affected by sunlight, which makes it a constant threat as it silently roams the map, searching for a player to explode upon.


We're Creepers and you charged us up 'cause both your rhymes are wack!

Throwing so many bricks, that you could call us Shaq!

We will end this party now! Gotta stop the disaster

Before it gets worse, then throw a block party after!