Animeme Wiki- Rank Requirements

Ok....if this wiki ever gets a large flood of users, I want to give a guide on rank requirements.


25 Edits

Earned the "You Took 5,028 Breaths in Your Sleep Last Night" badge.

Must have not done spam edits.

Not stirring trouble.

Approval by Buckyfan99.


1,000 Edits

Earned the "Baby Monitor" badge.

Must not have ANY spam edits.

Not stirring up trouble.

Must have been an active Chat Mod for 2 months.

Approval by Buckyfan99 and Fireworks888.


2,000 Edits

Earned the "No, That's Disturbing" badge.

Absolutely NO SPAM EDITS.

Not stirring up trouble.

Must be an active Admin for 4 months.

Approval by Buckyfan99, Fireworks888, and three other responsible Animeme Wiki users of any rank.


That's the requirements! Leave a message on Buckyfan99's wall when applying for Chat Mod and Admin. For Bureaucrat, you must create a forum post for approval. Before applying for ANY ranks, please look over the requirements again to make sure you have them all.

Good Day, Buckyfan99.